New partnership for Arborgreen & Syngenta

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Arborgreen & Syngenta Partnership
Arborgreen & Syngenta Partnership

Arborgreen and Syngenta Professional Solutions are pleased to announce that they have formed a new partnership as of the 1st of July 2023.

The initial market offer to nurseries and landscape companies resulting from this partnership is an alternative in weed management and insect management with the products BARRICADE® Herbicide and ACELEPRYN® Insecticide.

BARRICADE®is an innovative long lasting pre-emergent herbicide, which can provide up to 6 months weed control throughout garden beds and in landscaped areas. Available in 5 L & 1 L packs.

ACELEPRYN® is a group 28 insecticide with a unique mode of action offering broad-spectrum insect control for up to 6 months in turf and lawns. It is available in both a liquid and granule formulation, allowing ease of application for everyone. Available as a granular in 10 kg & 4 kg pack, and as a liquid in 5 L, 750 mL & 100 mL packs. 

With this new partnership will come future investments tailored specifically for the nursery and landscape industries, across a whole range of plant protection products including fungicides, insecticides, herbicides and biologicals. Providing nurseries and landscapers with access the latest technologies available globally.

Arborgreen is Australia’s most resourceful provider of landscaping and horticultural products and expertise. For over 35 years, Arborgreen have been the foremost experts in landscaping, tree-planting, horticulture, revegetation and erosion control products and solutions. Known for its commitment to getting the best project outcomes, Arborgreen credits its success to adaptability, innovation, and partnership.

Jason Gooden, Managing Director at Arborgreen stated that:

We've always championed innovation as a vital component of our business, Syngenta’s innovative solutions complement our overall customer offering, and partnering together amplifies our shared dedication to providing the right products to help our customers get the job done.

Syngenta Ornamentals draws on the strengths of Syngenta’s turf management, crop protection, and seeds businesses to bring growers a strong suite of products designed to assist with the management of diseases, insects, and weeds. Leveraging the best of the global R&D and plant-based technologies from around the world to deliver local growers integrated solutions highly suited to the production nursery and landscape maintenance industries. Syngenta products have a proven performance track-record making them the preferred partner to help protect your business.

Dan Docherty, Ornamentals Business Manager at Syngenta Professional Solutions stated that:

I am really excited about this new partnership with Arborgreen. Arborgreen is a perfect fit for us at Syngenta with their experienced sales team, their supporting of industry and all the association bodies and events. Plus their preference to only stock and support the best products for their customers. This partnership will allow Syngenta to invest further into the Australian Nursery/landscape markets, which will in turn result in new and innovative technologies becoming available to every Nursery in Australia. Thus assisting in providing even more sustainable, productive and profitable management practices.

Keep an eye on Arborgreen and Syngenta Ornamentals ANZ for information about more innovative Nursery solutions coming your way.