Quick Barricade Application Guide

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Production Nursery

The critical part of any spray equipment calibration, is understanding the size of the area you are going to treat. Which will in turn, dictate the water and product volumes you will need to use.

Quick Barricade Application Guide

*Always read the label before use.

Apply using recently calibrated spray equipment – see the Syngenta Turf Knapsack Application Advice.
Apply prior to weed emergence for residual control of up to 4 months in potted plants and 6 months in garden beds. Use higher rates in situations of high weed pressure or for difficult to control weeds. DO NOT apply to recently re-potted or newly potted seeds, cuttings, divisions or plants. Allow a period of establishment within which a substantial root system can be developed.
DO NOT apply if heavy rain has been forecast within 48 hours.
DO NOT apply to waterlogged soil.
DO NOT irrigate to the point of runoff for first 24 hours after application.


Add the required quantity of BARRICADE® directly to a spray tank containing 2/3 of the required spray volume.

Add the rest of the water and ensure the mix is thoroughly agitated before application. Notes on wash in afterwards critical.

Weed control in garden beds and potted plants is most effective when BARRICADE® is activated by irrigation immediately post-application and before weed seeds germinate.

We recommend that you trial BARRICADE® on a small area first.