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BARRICADE has an extremely low leaching potential in the soil. It forms “the BARRICADE barrier” – a long-lasting band within the top 10-15 mm of soil. The unique combination of high binding potential and low solubility means that it will not move off-target after application and incorporation with rain or irrigation. The minimal movement ensures there is low risk of damage to turf roots and BARRICADE will not impact on active root growth below the “barrier”. You can even trust BARRICADE around greens (including cool season grasses), in sandy soils and even on common or stressed couch because of this minimal movement.  BARRICADE is the trusted go-to pre-emergent herbicide with a proven track record since 2011 in Australia.


BARRICADE has a proven track record in Australia, it has been particularly useful in breaking weed cycles and preventing establishment of hard to control turf weeds. For example, predicting Poa annua germination commencement is complex and no two seasons are the same. Poa can have an unpredictable and lengthy window of germination – whilst there is a concentration of germination around the transition from summer into autumn there is usually a continuum of germination for many months. A good pre-emergent treatment can cater for this broad germination window. BARRICADE with its long residual (up to 6 months) allows application to occur well in advance of germination, at a time convenient to you, without compromising your late season coverage.

Essentially, a robust pre-emergent Poa management program can be developed with two BARRICADE applications roughly 6 months apart offering year-long control.


Importantly BARRICADE is not limited to a single use area such as golf course fairways.  BARRICADE Herbicide brings flexibility in use sites, turf species it can be used on and weeds controlled. It is registered for established turf which includes, but is not limited to, golf courses, sports fields, open spaces, parks, amenity turf and grassed corridors.

BARRICADE Herbicide controls an extended range of grassy weeds in one application. Importantly it breaks germination cycles as proven with Poa annua but also includes Parramatta Grass (Sporobolus africana) and African Love Grass (Eragrostis curvula) that have no selective herbicide controls. BARRICADE performs in preventing summer grass weeds that have a prolific seeding nature and long term reduction of the seed bank.

You can trust BARRICADE to last for up to 6 months so your application window is more flexible. Positioning of applications can be carried out well in advance of weeds germinating and still deliver season long control.


Application is easy with BARRICADE with no poison schedule, no odour, no staining, no tank settling and low volatility. With BARRICADE’s exemption from poison scheduling it is well suited to turf areas that are frequented by people and pets. The exemption also makes it operator friendly with no special PPE requirements. There is no staining of equipment, pathways or other areas and mixing is easy with no settling. In addition, the low volatility gives you the flexibility to delay wash-in for up to 7 days if necessary.