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Protecting your plants from weeds for longer is ideal for keeping nurseries in top condition.

Which makes BARRICADE the top choice in a pre-emergent herbicide for a quality nursery, with its extended label now covering nursery weeds in potted plants, potting beds, garden beds under mulch, gravel paths and landscape settings.

As an easy-to-use liquid pre-emergent herbicide, BARRICADE stops weeds for the longest period of control in the industry – up to four months control in potted plants, and six months in garden beds under mulch. This minimises the need for more intense weed control solutions and improves efficiencies, keeping your plants in top shape.

It is a great option to use across a range of plants in nurseries, including species normally sensitive to industry-standard spreadable granule formulations.

BARRICADE can also be partnered with glyphosate to eliminate existing weeds and prevent new weed growth for up to six months, helping you ensure your nursery gravel paths and potting beds look their best. This also helps reduce the reliance on and the amount of glyphosate being used.

BARRICADE Timing keeps Plants Clean for Sale

BARRICADE delivers the following benefits for nurseries:

  • Easy to apply – as a non-staining liquid, BARRICADE can be accurately and easily applied as a topical spray over foliage, followed by irrigation to wash the product into the growing media, or where canopy density is high as a soil-directed spray.

  • Safe to use – the NDPSC (National Drugs and Poison Scheduling Committee) exempt BARRICADE from scheduling, which means it provides good worker and customer safety during and following use.

  • Good environmental profile – extensive testing has shown BARRICADE is low impact for most landscape plant species when used as per label directions.

  • Broad range – with an extended label, BARRICADE now covers nursery weeds such as African Lovegrass, Crab Grass, Crowsfoot Grass, Creeping oxalis, Chickweeds, Willowherb, Summer Grass, Winter Grass, Ryegrass and more.

Weeds treated in Nurseries by BARRICADE

Don't just take our word for it, here are a few reviews from nursery managers who have used BARRICADE in their businesses:

"When we first heard about BARRICADE, we were looking for an alternative to granular pre-emergent herbicides that we could safely use across our range - while being economical in both applied cost and application time. After small-scale trials, we were encouraged by what we saw to start treating larger areas, and species we otherwise would have considered too sensitive for granular formulations. We found we could get the job done quicker with more accuracy using a sprayable liquid formulation, and for the same money BARRICADE lasted longer. The amount of hand-weeding we do has dramatically decreased, and I’m sure our staff are happy about that!"

– Michael Rose, Production Manager, Andreasens Green Qld


"We were involved in trials leading to the registration of BARRICADE in nurseries, so saw first-hand what BARRICADE could do early on. What impressed me was the longevity, weed spectrum, ease and accuracy of application, and importantly crop safety.  Plants we never would have dreamed of applying a granular pre-emergent herbicide to because of burn potential, BARRICADE does with no ill-effect. I feel we don’t waste as much product now than with other granulars, and my staff are better off in application because of the unscheduled nature of BARRICADE”

– Darcy Green, Production Manager, Logans Nursery


For any additional information on BARRICADE and its use in weed management for nurseries, please reach out to your local Syngenta Territory Sales Manager.