Season long weed control for landscape settings

Product updates
Barricade article 3

BARRICADE® Herbicide is an easy to use liquid pre-emergent herbicide for use in garden beds. BARRICADE® creates efficiencies in weed maintenance programs for garden beds, including providing up to 6 months weed control under mulch.

How it works

As a GROUP 3 (formerly D) herbicide, BARRICADE® works by inhibiting the root tips of germinating weeds. A weed will germinate but quickly has its root development impeded and eventually completely halted. Weed seeds will usually germinate right at the top of the soil in the pot and that is where BARRICADE® naturally likes to stay (high in the soil) and away from the roots of the plant we are trying to grow.

The active ingredient in BARRICADE® (prodiamine) has an inherent desire to bind to soil and organic matter. This is a very good thing as it allows the product to stay where it has been placed during the application process and not leach out or move unpredictably.

BARRICADE® Herbicide is a liquid pre-emergent herbicide that offers you:

  • An innovative tool that creates efficiencies in productivity; less weed management interventions per season
  • Season long control – up to 6 months in garden beds under mulch
  • Allows for less herbicide applications
  • Exemption from poison scheduling, which reduces worker risk and disruption to the community
  • Group 3 herbicide allows a rotation from the continual use of Group 9 (formerly Group M) herbicides
  • No phytotoxicity

How to use

  • The goal is to have the product correctly placed to ensure performance. Make an assessment of foliar canopies and surrounding obstacles that could impact product delivery or applicator access to ensure an appropriate and safe method of application is selected. Apply before weeds germinate.
  • BARRICADE® may be applied using high pressure multi-nozzle booms of various sizes or single nozzle wands.
    • Multi-nozzle boom or ‘over the top’ is best for smaller plants, tightly blocked
    • Single nozzle/wand or ‘directed spray’ is best for bigger plants, wider spacing or difficult access
  • Light post-application irrigation ensures product is washed off the foliage and moved into the top couple of centimetres of the media providing the opportunity to bind and establish the weed control band.
  • Rates in garden beds start at 4 L/ha to 8 L/ha.

See full label for details.

Management tips

  • For best results irrigate into the soil within 7 days. Then allow the BARRICADE® to dry before further irrigation, to ensure soil binding.
  • When the right combination of application and post application wash-in is used, a solid weed control band is produced.

Important notes

  • Plant development must be assessed when considering use. For example, do not apply to plants with shallow root systems such as bulbs or annuals.
  • DO NOT plant seeds in treated soil for 6 months after application.

For more information, please contact your local rep or call Syngenta Customer Service on 1800 022 035.